Music As Medicine by CLAIN



Music As Medicine by CLAIN

wk 24 1. Exbow - Think About It (Extended Mix) 2. Fur Coat - Far Away (Original Mix) 3. Dsnt Matter - Overused (Extended Mix) 4. Khainz - The Mantra (Original Mix) 5. Shall Ocin - External (Original Mix) 6. Peer Kusiv - Sonic Illusion (Original Mix) 7. Oroks - Dimension Of Feelings (Original Mix) 8. Che Jose - Calling (Extended Mix) 9. Patric Ruprecht - Infinity System (Rafael Cerato […]

Music As Medicine by CLAIN

The Chase by Cody Chase

Genre: House, Techno, Deep-House, Tech-House, Soulful House
Release: Every Friday
Length: 60 mins
Episodes: MAM 028 – Progressive Techno Session
Type: Talk, Mix, Jingles
Language: en

Are you ready to experience the healing power of Exotic House & Progressive Techno?
“Music as Medicine” isn’t just about the music – it’s also about the transformative power of music on our mental and emotional wellbeing. As the name suggests, this radio show sees music as a form of medicine that can uplift our spirits, reduce stress and anxiety, and even promote healing. Through their carefully crafted playlists and insightful commentary, the hosts of “Music as Medicine” aim to promote the therapeutic benefits of electronic music and share their love for this genre with listeners worldwide.

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