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Up All Night Radio by CARSTN

CARSTN - BIOGRAFIE Wenn wir an Gelb denken, denken wir normalerweise an Dinge wie Sommer, Sonne und an gute Zeiten. Aber wir sollten auch anfangen an Musik zu denken. Genauer gesagt an die Musik des aufstrebenden DJs und Produzenten CARSTN aus Süddeutschland, der die leuchtend Farbe „Gelb“ als sein Markenzeichen gemacht hat. Seine Musik kombiniert Dance- und Pop-Elemente und besticht durch einen unkomplizierten fröhlichen Vibe. Es war 2018, als CARSTN beschloss seine ersten Schritte in Richtung einer ernsthaften Karriere in der Musikindustrie zu wagen und sein eigenes Künstlerprofil zu starten. Seine ersten Begegnungen mit der Musik liegen jedoch schon länger zurück, da er in seiner Jugend erst Schlagzeug spielte und später auch als DJ auf privaten Veranstaltungen arbeitete. Neben seiner Tätigkeit als Künstler ist CARSTN auch Teil eines Duos, das die beiden Berliner Labels "Up All Night" und "Chillout Tales" leitet, wo er seine bisher gesammelten Erfahrungen nutzt, um noch in einer weiteren Dimension mit und an Musik zu arbeiten. Sein erster großer Erfolg war seine Veröffentlichung "Honey" im Jahr 2018, die schnell zur offiziellen Hymne des „Tropical Mountain Festivals“ wurde, wo CARSTN mittlerweile einen festen Platz als Resident DJ hat. Seitdem folgte eine hochkarätige Single auf die Andere wie beispielsweise den offiziellen Jubiläums-Remix für „Anastacias“ Welthit "I'm Outta Love“. Die mittlerweile über 40 Veröffentlichungen zählen zusammen bereits über 150 Millionen Streams auf Spotify, was durch fast zwei Million monatlichen Zuhörer und Follower-Zahlen im fünfstelligen Bereich nochmal unterstrichen wird. Basierend auf diesem Streaming-Erfolg, baut er nun langsam, aber sicher auch sein Live-Profil weiter aus und kann hier bereits auf Meilensteine wie das Opening für "Lost Frequencies" oder einen Aufritt im Legendären „Printworks London“ zusammen Goldfish zurückblicken. Wenn man ihn fragt, was sein Ziel ist, sagt er nichts Geringeres als mit seiner Musik die ganze Welt aus seiner Heimat im Saarland zu erobern. Obwohl seine Ambitionen groß sind, bleibt er dennoch bescheiden und genießt nichts mehr, als die Menschen zum mit seiner Musik zum Lächeln zu bringen. Letztendlich ist es ganz einfach: „CARSTN music is happy music“.


The Chase by Cody Chase

A talented DJ and producer, Cody Chase has once again returned to dance music after a hiatus building multiple businesses. Resuming his true calling as a DJ, Chase is once again delighting dance floors with his techno & house sound. Chase’s productions captivate listeners with high-tension builds and filthy bassline-focused drops. With '10,000' hours behind the controls and a 4 deck live-on-the-fly technique, Cody often mixes multiple techno and house tracks at once, never playing the same mix twice. Cody’s journey with dance music began at age thirteen when he was given a copy of Benny Benassi's Hypnotica. He listened to the album over and over for months on end. Benassi's revolutionary electro synths grabbed Cody by the soul and sent him on a journey of musical discovery. Chase’s first live experience with House Music was in 2008 to see Benny Benassi at Club Beta in Denver, Co. Chase saw firsthand the raw power, emotion, and energy the music had over the crowd. It was during one moment of pure bliss on the dance floor that Cody knew he had found his calling. During summer 2009, after returning home to the NYC suburbs (aka New Jersey) from the University of Colorado @ Boulder, Chase picked up a very used set of CDJ 900s and a Behringer DDM400 and got to work practicing. Soon Chase would find himself playing in two legendary NYC spots, Pacha and Webster Hall. Chase quickly learned how to please some of the most decerning dancefloors on the planet. Soon it became time to get serious about becoming a professional musician. After a frank discussion with his parents about life choices and goals, Chase decided that it would be wise to learn the ins-and-out of the music business and attend Full Sail University where he would get a Bachelors Degree in Music Business. That knowledge was soon leveraged into getting signed with a boutique DJ talent agency in Miami. Cody was exposed to the Miami scene and got to play at some wild parties in and around Miami including an Ultra Music Fest event. However, shadiness can often find a home in the music business. With no regard for his contractual obligations, the agent skipped town with Cody’s DJ fees and the rights to the masters of the original album that had been released earlier that year. Disappointed and defeated from losing his well-earned fees that were to be used as ‘seed money’, Chase for the first time lacked direction. To help get his mind off of the big ‘L’, Cody’s father took him on a ski trip to Aspen, Co where they would stay with a family friend. That family friend was starting a cannabis company just as Colorado was becoming the US’s first recreational cannabis state. Open to new opportunities in new places, Cody accepted a role as the director of marketing and got to work building brands. On the second day of living in Colorado, Cody (and his roommate) saw a business opportunity. Within a gap in the marketplace lay a small niché that would soon make for a successful company. By working for the cannabis company during the day and spending evenings on the start-up, soon a full-fledged business was born. 7 years later and with several million units sold, those products can be found in nearly every legal state and sold in more than 20 countries around the world. Today, Cody Chase, 32, lives near Miami with his wife. The two are expecting their first child in Summer 2023. Cody Chase is now back and happier than ever chasing his dream of taking his talents around the world.


Music As Medicine by CLAIN

Bio: Born in the mid 80's, Clain grew up in Paris. A musician since his childhood, he has also studied sound and image processing and worked as an engineer. The trip whether musical or cultural, has always been something that matters to him and Clain reveals different incarnation of Clement during his musical or audiovisual performances. Clain’s spirit of adventure translates a life lived a hundred miles per hour. As a 2.0 dandy, his shows are the result and witness to a thirst for the new and the unexpected. He created Music "Music as Medicine", a radio show with a focus on the genres of Exotic House and Melodic & Progressive Techno, one each week. Expression of his passion and his enthusiasm for live performances, he aspires to always share his work on stage.


House Story Dance Anthems by Andy Sutton

BIO…. As a former club / festival DJ , I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate and play for brands such as Hed Kandi, MOS , Crasher, Kiss, Cream, Defected. I was signed to a few labels which had tracks released that are still on beatport to this day! Oh and I was in a boy band when I was younger but let’s not talk about that just yet! I made the difficult decision to retired over 10 years ago but now I’m just loving being back on the radio and playing some big anthems to keep my musical journey alive !